I'm Emily Sayrs a UX Designer. a Product Manager.

I'm Emily Sayrs

Designer. Developer. Manager.

I am a detail-oriented, design-forward thinker and I have been a hard working member of the start-up world for the last 5 years. By title, I am a Product Manager, but by practice, I am a UX designer, QA tester, dev manager, graphic designer, front-end developer, compliance consultant and wearer of any other necessary hat. While my experience in the start-up world has left me fairly well-rounded, my true passion lies in developing simple and robust solutions for complex problems. Whether I am designing an interface or prioritizing feature builds, I'm constantly working to satisfy a delicate balance of internal and external demands.

I am a proud native of Denver, CO and I currently work as a Product Manager at Distillery Solutions. My previous jobs have included UX Engineer at Distillery Solutions, Co-Founder/UX engineer at Sirvo, Designer at Kimberly Gould Art Advisory, Datacenter Technician at Grooveshark , and Freelance Designer/Developer. I have a degree in Psychology, and Technology Arts and Media from the University of Colorado, Boulder. In my free time I like to get away from the computer and do something in the physical world. I enjoy making things by hand, fixing things that are broken, cooking, sailing and yoga.

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what i offer


Research, Design, Prioritization and Delivery.


Empathy, Experience, Trials, and Solutions.


Simplicity, Meaning, and Continuity.


Functionality, Organization, and Adaptation.


distillery solutions marketing brochure outside
distillery solutions marketing brochure inside

Marketing Brochure

Distillery Solutions - 2016

Redesign of a 8.5 x 11 trifold brochure for Stillhouse - the flagship product of Distillery Solutions.

stillhouse inventory flow

Stillhouse Inventory Redesign

Distillery Solutions - 2015

Mockup for a redesign of the inventory interface for distillery management software.

stillhouse mobile app flow

Stillhouse Mobile App Design

Distillery Solutions - 2016

Design and prototype of mobile app for distillery management.

Brewhouse Inventory Rework

Brewhouse Inventory Rework

Distillery Solutions - 2016

Redesign of the inventory System for Breweries. Higher production volume and varying case sizes required a complete rework of the inventory flow previously used for distilleries.

KGAA website and branding

Kimberly Gould Art Advisory Website

Kimberly Gould Art Advisory - 2014

Custom website design & build. Website is built with wordpress and a customized theme.

SalesPS website and rebranding

Sales PS Website

SalesPS - 2013

Custom website design & build, and company re-branding. Built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a modified bootstrap framework.